Conversion Chart

Listed below are the ingredients weights and measure conversions: Imperial and Metric, Oven Temperatures, alternate names. Click here for Cooking Glossary.
Solid Weights conversion
Liquid Measurements
Oven Temperature Conversion
Alternate Names
Name Other names
Aubergine Eggplant, Brinjal
Bicarbonate of soda Baking soda, Baking powder
Broad beans Fava beans
Castor sugar Sugar, Superfine
Coriander, fresh Cilantro
Courgette Zucchini
Digestive biscuits Graham crackers
Double cream Thick cream
Dripping Fat from roasted meat
Golden syrup Light molasses
Greaseproof/Parchment paper Wax paper
Green Pepper Capsicum
Ham Pork, Gammon
Icing sugar Confectioners'/Powdered sugar
Ketchup/Tomato sauce Catsup
King prawns Jumbo shrimp
Offal Variety meats (liver, kidney etc)
Okra Ladies Finger, Bhindi, Vendikkai
Paw paw Papaya
Plain flour All-purpose flour,Maida
Prawns Shrimp
Rasher Slice
Semolina Farina
Sieve Strain; strainer
Sift Strain
Single cream Cream, light, half-and-half
Spring or salad onions Scallions, Green onions
Stock cubes Bouillon cube
Strong flour Bread flour
Sultanas Raisins/ seedless, golden
Treacle Dark molasses
Vanilla pod Vanilla bean
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